Cognizer Launches Publicly with the Industry’s Most Accurate Natural Language Understanding Artificial Intelligence Platform for the Enterprise

Cognizer’s “Corporate Brain” will be Integrated into an Enterprise’s
Data on the Enterprise Content Platform of Box, Inc.

Company Closes Initial Funding Round from Technology Focused
Private-to-Public Equity (PPE)™ Firm GigFounders, LLC

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cognizer, the inventor of the first Deep Learning Corporate Brain,
announced today that it has publicly launched activities after closing
its initial Mentor-Round™ led by GigFounders, LLC (
Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

The funding is being used to both launch Cognizer’s Early Adopters
Program and to initiate the integration of the Cognizer Corporate Brain
with the Box, Inc. (NYSE: BOX) Enterprise Content Platform.

Industry’s First Corporate Brain

Cognizer’s Corporate Brain will behave like a virtual assistant that
will constantly be assisting employees, whether in meetings or in-person
conversations, to deliver a totally personalized experience. It does so
by scrolling through files, email, and other digital content and
building a semantic graph. It is the industry’s top Natural Language
Understanding Platform with over 96.7% accuracy on the Penn Bank Test(1).

The Platform is based on a sophisticated Deep Learning Network and
massively scalable, distributed Unstructured Information Management
Architecture (UIMA) pipeline. The system has pre-learned important
informational corpuses, including Wikipedia, Wikidata, The CIA World
Factbook, Freebase, and Word Net. It can ingest vast amounts of
corporate content, including document files in file systems, email,
meeting transcriptions, and websites.

Cognizer has three user applications: Brain Bot – a complex Q&A system;
Brain Board – a unique real-time research assistant; and Brain Base – a
Wiki-style knowledge management system.

“Cognizer has created the most accurate natural language understanding
platform, boasting an industry leading 96.7% accuracy. If Cognizer reads
the information, it knows it forever and provides immediate recall,”
said Jack Porter, Co-Founder and CEO of Cognizer. “We believe our
Corporate Brain is a game changer for innovative knowledge driven
companies and the next advancement in the deployment of Artificial
Intelligence and Machine Learning technology into the enterprise.”

“The technology behind Cognizer will revolutionize the way large
enterprises work with information. With Cognizer, it is not store and
forget, it is read and provide value continuously. Having the privilege
of meeting with the top industry technologists and reviewing hundreds of
exceptional technology ideas, we found Jack to be an Artificial
Intelligence and Machine Learning futuristic thought leader. I am
convinced the Cognizer concept and technology is a unique and
exceptionally sophisticated game-changing product. We are grateful for
the opportunity to participate in this fantastic opportunity,” said Dr.
Avi Katz, Managing Member of GigFounders, LLC and Executive Chairman of

Initial Deployment through the Enterprise
Content Platform of Box, Inc.

The Enterprise Content Platform is a sophisticated enterprise
content management system. Box has 280,000 companies using the platform
with over 44 million users. 99% of the Fortune 500 Companies use Box and
there is currently over 4 billion monthly content interaction on the Box
system. Cognizer will read any content submitted to Box and the security
and privacy of the content is tightly controlled.

About GigFounders, LLC

GigFounders, LLC, (GigFounders) is an investment group founded by Dr.
Katz, and is led by a team of technology industry experts and
entrepreneurs who offer financial and executive operational and
mentoring advisory services to private companies looking to accelerate
their path from inception into their growth-stage by leveraging
GigFounders “Private-to-Public Equity (PPE)™” methodology.

GigFounders is also the founder and Managing Member of GigAcquisitions,
LLC, which is the sponsor of GigCapital, Inc. (NYSE: GIG) a PPE company,
also known as a Blank-Check Special-Purpose-Acquisition-Company (SPAC).

Dr. Katz, and advisors and other team members of GigFounders, led and
participate in the Mentor- Round™.

Private-to-Public Equity (PPE) and Mentor Round are trademarks of
GigFounders, LLC.

(1)   The Penn Bank Test is a standard industry test for optimizing
Natural Language Understanding platforms

About Cognizer

Cognizer is a Corporate Brain based on the industry’s top Natural
Language Platform. The Company is led by AI veterans Jack Porter and
Soundar Velu. Cognizer is planning to launch its exclusive Early
Adopters Program in July of 2019 to enterprises that use’s
Enterprise Content Platform. For Additional information, please visit


Jack Porter

Dr. Avi Katz
GigFounders, LLC

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