Sysdig More than Triples Fortune 500 Customer Deployments in 2018 as Global Enterprises Validate Need for Unified Approach to Cloud-Native Security and Monitoring

Company milestones include series D funding, massive growth in F500
clients, and product innovation

., the cloud-native intelligence company, today announced
accelerating global enterprise adoption of the Sysdig
Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform
that improves container security
and visibility. In 2018 the company more than tripled the number of
Fortune 500 customer deployments, with over 40 percent of deployments
using the Sysdig platform for both security and visibility use cases –
up from five percent this time last year. Sysdig also announced it
nearly doubled its global employee count and grew to over 30 locations
worldwide. Downloads of Falco, the company’s open source container
runtime security offering which is now a Cloud Native Computing
Foundation® Sandbox project, grew six times over in 2018.

Sysdig’s growth continues to be buoyed by the accelerating enterprise
adoption of Kubernetes and cloud-native architectures. “During this
important transition to modern infrastructure, global enterprises are
relying on Sysdig to provide visibility and security in a more efficient
and powerful way. With our unified approach, an enterprise has so much
more insight and control over their applications. They have access to
more data to solve the most important use cases that impact cloud
operations. Dealing with separate data sources, various expensive tools
running in silos, and learning totally different interfaces result in
inefficiency, cost, and frustration. But those issues are problems of
the past – leveraging all the data possible for both security and
monitoring use cases within one platform solves these challenges,” said
Suresh Vasudevan, chief executive officer (CEO) at Sysdig.

2018 Accomplishments

New Executive Appointments

  • In April, Sysdig announced the appointment of Suresh
    Vasudevan as president and CEO
    and to the company’s board of
    directors. Vasudevan joined Sysdig from Nimble Storage, where he led
    the company from 2011 through IPO and acquisition by Hewlett Packard
    Enterprise for $1.2B in 2017.
  • The founder of Sysdig, Loris Degioanni, continued to guide the company
    vision and product strategy in his new role as Chief Technology
  • In July, Sysdig announced the appointment of its first Chief
    Marketing Officer, Apurva Davé
    . Davé served as the company’s Vice
    President (VP) of Marketing for the previous two years.
  • Sysdig also welcomed Larry Castro as VP of finance and corporate
    operations, Eric Linnell as VP of support, customer success, and
    professional services, Keegan Riley as senior VP of worldwide sales,
    and Sandor Klein as VP of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Global Company Expansion

  • Sysdig’s growth was fueled by a $68.5
    million series D funding round
    led by Insight Venture Partners in
    September, with participation from previous investors, Bain Capital
    Ventures and Accel. This round of funding brought the company’s total
    funding to date to $121.5 million. Sysdig continues to use the funds
    to extend its leadership in enabling enterprises to operate reliable
    and secure containerized infrastructure and cloud-native applications.
  • In March, Sysdig announced growth in EMEA and a new
    office in London
    . The company also announced the promotion of
    Edward Oakes to director of sales for EMEA and they have doubled the
    number of employees in that office since opening it.
  • In June, the company announced US
    with a second headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina.
    The company now has 19 employees in Raleigh as well as employees in 21

Strategic Partnerships

Product Innovation

  • Unlike traditional approaches, the Sysdig
    Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform
    was built with an understanding
    of the modern DevSecOps workflow across Kubernetes, Docker, and both
    private and public clouds. As the only company to offer enterprises
    the first unified approach to container security, monitoring, and
    forensics, Sysdig continued its innovation in 2018. In December at
    KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018 Sysdig announced new
    features for Sysdig Secure
    . The new features added advanced
    Kubernetes auditing and vulnerability management, service-based access
    control, and security analytics, along with simplified compliance to
    give users a complete view of the health and risk profiles of their
    container environments. This was the second Sysdig Secure update for
    2018, the first added vulnerability management, more than 200
    compliance checks, and security analytics.
  • In October, the CNCF®,
    a Linux Foundation® organization, announced it had accepted Falco,
    the open source project for runtime container security from Sysdig, as
    a Cloud
    Native Sandbox project
    . Falco was the first runtime security
    technology to enter the Cloud Native Sandbox and by accepting Falco,
    the CNCF helped bring awareness to runtime security and made it easier
    for the CNCF community to build more secure cloud-native applications.
  • Sysdig also released Sysdig
    Monitor 3.0, which added enterprise-grade Prometheus monitoring

    and enhanced Sysdig’s Kubernetes and Docker support.

Industry Accolades

What Customers, Analysts, and Partners are Saying

  • After Quby, the creators of the Toon® smart thermostat, moved
    everything including its databases to the cloud, maintaining
    monitoring was a two-person job – one to define, install and maintain
    all of the required agents and applications checks, and another to
    review that everything functioned properly. According to Juan Morales,
    DevOps engineer at Quby, “It used to take two admins a lot of time
    along the whole year just to keep monitoring in place. To keep Sysdig
    updated takes less than 30 minutes each month […] With Sysdig, you
    only need to run a container on the host, and it’s done. We get
    monitoring and security at the container level, at the host level, and
    at the application level.”
  • “As enterprises have gotten more comfortable with the cloud, moving
    Kubernetes and cloud-native workloads to production has increased
    exponentially, but ensuring visibility and security are absolutely key
    hurdles to mass production deployments,” said Fernando Montenegro,
    security analyst for 451 Research. “Sysdig’s approach of using a data
    platform for both security and operations use cases has the potential
    of addressing needs from both teams in an efficient manner.”
  • “Working with Sysdig has been a great experience,” said Todd Millard,
    VP of sales at Crossvale. “Crossvale helps enterprises get the most
    out of their digital transformation to microservices using OpenShift.
    We have found Sysdig to the be the perfect fit to provide monitoring
    and security for containerized Linux environments, which makes
    adoption and understanding of new technology easy for OPS, security,
    app/dev, networking, DevOps and infrastructure teams. While working
    with Sysdig, we have seen a commitment to accelerating the adoption of
    modern infrastructure, while also easing the risk, pain, and cost
    involved with new technologies. Sysdig utilizes a single point of
    instrumentation, which saves our customers time and company resources
    by delivering monitoring, security, troubleshooting, and forensics
    from a single, low-resource agent. The technology is unique, and we
    are pleased to have the strategic Sysdig offering in our solutions

About Sysdig

is the cloud-native intelligence company. Enterprises depend
on Sysdig to deliver reliable, secure containerized applications. We
have created the only unified platform to deliver container security,
monitoring, and forensics in a microservices-friendly architecture. Our
open source technologies have attracted a community of over a million
developers, administrators, and other IT professionals looking for deep
visibility into applications and containers. Our cloud-native
intelligence platform monitors and secures millions of containers across
hundreds of enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies and web-scale
properties. Learn more at


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