Understory Announces Project Atmosphere and Expansion to 10 Global Cities

  • Project Atmosphere will bring Atmosphere, a real-time air quality and
    weather technology, to the world to enable city leaders to tackle air
  • City leaders are invited to apply to be one of the next 10 cities to
    bring Atmosphere’s technology to their community
  • Unparalleled air quality visibility enables city leaders to track air
    pollution dispersion throughout their city, pinpoint areas of high
    pollution and hold specific polluters accountable

MADISON, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/AgTech?src=hash” target=”_blank”gt;#AgTechlt;/agt;–Understory,
the weather and air quality network and analytics company, today
announced Project Atmosphere, the company’s endeavor to bring its
Atmosphere technology to 10
new urban centers worldwide
. Around the globe, city leaders are
invited to apply to host Atmosphere technology in their community to
monitor air quality and improvement strategies in real-time.

“We have created new technology in air quality monitoring at a time when
the world needs it the most,” said Alex Kubicek, CEO, Understory.
“Project Atmosphere can truly move the needle for improving air quality
and slowing climate change. With Atmosphere, city leaders can understand
the dynamics of major air pollutants in their city in real-time, and
then take informed, measurable actions to create cleaner, more livable

Atmosphere uses Understory’s network of hyperlocal weather stations and
air quality sensors deployed across urban centers to aggregate and
analyze atmospheric information to create a comprehensive understanding
of air health. City leaders have 24/7 visibility into the worst
pollutant sources in their city, and are able to triage resources to
mitigate unhealthy levels of pollutants, while monitoring the progress
of larger air quality strategies. Accurate, up-to-the minute data offers
a fiscally feasible and politically viable method for changing air
quality for the better.

Project Atmosphere is currently live in Dallas, Texas. By being the
first city have a Project Atmosphere network installation, Dallas
leaders have the ability to pinpoint the most significant sources of
pollution, like ozone and nitrous oxide, and tailor air quality
improvement strategies to ensure their reduction.

If you are a city leader who would like more information on becoming one
of Project Atmosphere’s next 10 cities, please visit: http://understoryweather.com/atmosphere/.

About Understory

Understory comprehensively assesses the critical impact of weather and
atmospheric conditions on cities, communities, and businesses with
ground-truth data. Understory’s foundational technology economically
harnesses the power of hyperlocal air quality and weather data,
analytics, mapping, and support in real time to drive strategic
decisions and actionable policies for real, scalable environmental
change. Deploying and operating rugged and maintenance-free weather and
air quality sensor networks, Understory tells the story from under the
clouds — delivering earth’s 24/7 health report. Understory’s technology
has broad, cross-sector applications including insurance, agriculture,
forecasting, risk mitigation, and pollution reduction. For more
information, visit www.understoryweather.com.



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