Autark Entertainment Group AG: On the Way to Becoming a Global Player

Stefan Kühn: “We will completely redefine the term musical entertainment” – With their IPO, the company catapults itself into musical heaven

DUISBURG, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / May 14, 2019 / A musical is like a mirror of our lives. It shows the fears, hardships, hopes. History and stories about people who change the world. Giving or changing her face and, as if in fast motion, every part of this transformation. Music is a means to an end, an emotional carrier of the message.

Musical knows no age limits, no resentments, no social boundaries. Boundlessness is the key to change.

“Nothing is as fascinating as change,” says Stefan Kühn, head of the Autark Entertainment Group. In Duisburg, in the “Theater am Marientor”, the “parent company” of the company, work is underway on the new musical “Wallace”. Politics, betrayal, courage and love on stage. Rise, fall and immortality are the ingredients not only of a musical story.

The Autark Entertainment Group AG is about to reach a milestone in production and in corporate development. Stefan Kühn said: “The past three years have not been easy. We had to protect our investment and investors from external attacks. We held out. Now our success proves us right.”

The Autark Group has since become the Autark Entertainment Group AG with a corporate capital close to the 60 million Euro mark. The company will soon be found on the international stock markets. Market research and analysts have predicted an introductory price beyond the USD 45 price mark. If this can be realized, the company will have a market capitalization of 2.7 billion US dollars.

Money for new acquisitions, the implementation of new ideas and worlds of experience. New venues will follow, the expansion of existing infrastructures around the “Theater am Marientor” in Duisburg is firmly planned.

There will be new musicals, new projects and performances for visitors. Companies will become direct partners and there will be a completely new marketing concept.

The acquisition of new, innovative companies and meaningful investments in partnerships expand the range of services. Entertainment knows no boundaries. This can also apply to the Autark Entertainment Group.

Stefan Kühn: “We currently have more than 25 projects in the pipeline that will turn the Autark Entertainment Group into an international player. Autark will stand for innovation, new experiences from the entertainment sector and a unique offer for visitors and companies. Musicals will remain the core, entertainment the future”.

The Autark Entertainment Group AG stands for always showing up at the right place and time. Stefan Kühn, with his many years of experience, has his co-owners in mind: They should and will profit permanently from the results of the Autark Entertainment Group AG as equal partners. Here, too, there are already viable, tested structures in place.

SOURCE: Autark Entertainment Group AG Germany

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