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SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2019 / Bitsdaq, AsiaGlobal’s crypto exchange, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with to create the first system in the world to offer a service that supports digital and fiat currencies available within the Spend App, which is directly linked to a Spend Visa Card® anywhere Apple Pay and Google Pay is accepted, for Bitsdaq.

The new partnership, which follows three months of discussions, will enable fully verified Bitsdaq users to benefit from the combination of the two groups’ existing trading capacity, which would help to create innovative ways to transfer, spend and send digital assets and currencies. Bitsdaq verified users will be able to link their Spend Visa® Card directly to their Apple Wallet and/or Google Pay Wallet, or have the choice to immediately get issued a virtual card that can be used instantly at any merchant that accepts Visa® online. Additionally, verified users have the option to order a physical card that would be mailed to their home address. The Spend & Bitsdaq partnership is now the first system in the world to offer this service tied to 16+ supported digital currencies.

Ricky Ng, the founder and CEO of Bitsdaq, noted that the company is pleased to establish an alliance with

“This partnership will combine the strengths of Bitsdaq’s exchange infrastructure including user resource, cutting edge tech on blockchain and industrial scale production capacity worldwide especially in Asia, with’s multiple currency support, secure storage, team and its deep experience in the financing space.” Ricky continues by saying, “All of the hard work happens behind the scenes, giving a seamless user experience.”

Bryan Woods, the President of has said that in the last few months, Spend has been analyzing the feasibility of reaching other regions outside of North America, including the Asias markets. Now, the company has reached a new stage of development with Bitsdaq:

“Crypto enthusiasts and users are now very excited about the new possibilities that this card provides to Bitsdaq users. Bitsdaq has more than 2 million active users right now. With the Spend Card, Bitsdaq users can buy and sell 16+ supported digital currencies in the market with their bank accounts.” Woods continues, “In addition, the Spend App is now integrated and compatible with both Apple Pay and Google Pay, available on iPhone, Samsung, and other Android devices. That means the collaboration between and Bitsdaq allows users the option to llink their Spend Card to their Apple Wallet.”

Over the past three months, Bitsdaq has accumulated over 2 million registered users and 100,000+ community members on Telegram. There are also more than 2 million active wallet addresses holding BQQQ’s candy token BXBC. Moreover, according to Similarweb, Bitsdaq’s web traffic ranked third (second only to Binance and Coinbase) among global crypto exchanges, with a total of 11.4 million monthly visits. Additionally, Bitsdaq Launchpad, has even gained significant market attention, receiving hundreds of project applications for IEOs.

About Bitsdaq

Bitsdaq is a secure, reliable and advanced digital asset platform operating in Asia and built on cutting edge trading technology. The company provides opportunities and solutions for customers who want access to a wider selection of digital assets on a secure and reliable platform.


With a quick and easy download from the App Store or on Google Play, the Spend App is a revolutionary multi-currency banking platform that allows you to store, withdraw, send, sell, buy and spend your digital funds your way; fast and easily.

Spend users have the ability to send funds around the globe to other users (over 180 countries), exchange various currencies instantly, view analytics of currencies, buy/sell currencies with their linked bank accounts, as well as Spend their funds; all from the palm of their hand.

Furthermore, Spend App users have the ability to tie their digital Spend Wallet to the Spend Visa® Card. Once verified on the app, users can immediately issue a virtual card that is able to be used with online merchants instantly. Additionally, users have the option to order a physical card that can be used at any of the more than 40 million merchants around the globe that accept Visa.

No cryptocurrency is loaded on to the Spend Visa® Card. All assets are converted to local fiat currency prior to loading on the Visa® network.



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