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ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / May 8, 2019 / Dr James Chappuis is a renowned orthopedic spine surgeon, who founded Spine Center Atlanta, where he is the Board Chairman. Dr Chappuis has practiced surgery for almost three decades, and holds twenty-seven spine surgery hardware patents. Spine Center Atlanta is run by physicians and prides itself on being an outstanding spine center, with eight handy locations across the Southeast.

Spine Center Atlanta aims to use non invasive treatments, wherever possible, for chronic pain or injuries. This is done through its’ range of innovative treatment procedures and medical membership schemes. The expert physicians at Spine Center Atlanta are all board certified professionals, who can repair unsuccessful neck and back surgeries at their outpatient, endoscopic same day spine surgery.

The cutting edge facilities at Spine Center Atlanta can deliver effective treatments from knowledgeable, reputable spine surgeons and capable medical staff, including a resident anesthesiologist. The center offers extensive treatments to combat neck or back pain, such as non operative bespoke medical procedures, and surgical solutions to spinal and orthopedic disorders. Other treatments offered include interventional spine operations to tackle chronic and acute pain, water therapy, physiotherapy, medical massage, work conditioning, oriental medicine and acupuncture, IDD therapy, cryotherapy, wellness services featuring personal training and massage therapy, dry needling, regenerative stem cell therapy, an ambulatory surgical facility located on site, and MRI.

Spine Center Atlanta can provide quality care to home based patients, or to patients who are on the move, through virtual meetings with highly qualified Family Nurse Practitioners and Ashley Kuruvilla, a Practice Registered Nurse. Patients who require surgery can attend virtual meetings with orthopedic spine surgeons, Julio Petilon and James Chappuis MD FACS.

Spine Center Atlanta and Dr. James Chappuis set up the Westside Cultural Art Facility in Atlanta, to pursue his passion for painting and desire to help the local community.

For athletes and adults who experience post surgery back or neck pain, Spine Center Atlanta is the leading option for surgical repairs, compared to other outpatient, same day unsuccessful spine surgeries. Our knowledgeable, acclaimed spine surgeons deliver great results for patients consistently, with customized payment options in a welcoming, comfortable environment.

For people who suffer from persistent back or neck pain, Spine Center Atlanta stands head and shoulders above other outpatient spine surgeries, thanks to our expert, highly qualified orthopedic surgeons. These professionals work together, with our capable staff and clinicians, to use the most effective and conservative treatments available for all patients. Our center has delivered outstanding services to patients for over twenty-eight years, in pleasant, boutique themed surroundings with flexible financing options.

People who wish to receive treatment in their homes should look no further than Spine Center Atlanta, which offers virtual consultations that surpass other telemedicine practices. Our board certified, exclusively allocated Family Nurse Practitioner and Ashley Kuruvilla, our Practice Registered Nurse, will deliver fantastic telemedicine care. Patients who might have to undergo surgery can arrange virtual consultations with our outstanding orthopedic spine surgeons, Julio Petilon and James L. Chappuis M.D. This is far more convenient than having to travel or spend time on a clinic waiting list.

For more information visit: https://spinecenteratlanta.com or Call: (404) 351-5812

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