DFG – DeFi Global: Deep Ploughing in Fintech, Leading Future DeFi-oriented Financial Development

BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2019 / Blockchain finance shows a positive improvement in the traditional finance pattern.

Financial institutions are connected by data flows and capital flows. All acts in financial ecology are performed through capital flows and reflected in flow trajectories. It is fair to say that the capital flow is the blood of a financial system. Capital flows occur together with the generation, receipt and flow of data, which is called as data flow.

In the traditional financial system, data flows and capital flows are blocked due to the relative isolation among institutions and among regions. Capital island (premium) and data island (information asymmetry) accordingly took place.

This issue can be solved by blockchain technology, which naturally meets the financial demands thanks to its features of decentralization, tamper-resisted, data transparency, and consensus mechanism.

DeFi, trend of future financial development

DeFi, i.e. Decentralized Fintech, refers to a type of fintech that has been decentralized. It forms new business patterns such as digital currency payment, stable coin, digital currency lending, and digital currency asset management by choosing and combining corresponding financial data and protocols based on the underlying consensus mechanism in public blockchains.

DeFi is a disruptive innovation in the financial sector. It positively improves the traditional financial pattern and represents the trend of future financial development.

The underlying technology of DeFi is public blockchain and decentralized storage. The base protocol of DeFi can be divided into financial protocol and data protocol depending on whether it is relevant to capital flows or data flows. Financial protocol is the realization of capital flows. These two kinds of chain protocols can serve as the carrier of capital flows or data flows and facilitate capital flows or data flows in financial system with the underlying technology of blockchain. In this way, unblocked capital flows and data flows in the traditional financial system can become smooth.

DFG, i.e. Decentralized Finance Group, has developed strong technical strength, marketability and a large scale of users thanks to our first-mover advantage and experience of deep ploughing in digital currency sector. The digital currency financial holding group starts taking shape. DFG makes an early layout of DeFi and aims to lead and promote the realization of DeFi as “consciously evolving” ecology.

DFG – leader in future finance DeFi

DFG, Digital Currency Financial Holding Group, integrates digital assets investment, exchange ecology and global payment system. DFG was founded by world-class hackers and experts in various fields such as quantitative finance, blockchain and cryptography. They have worked as senior executive managers in top institutions including Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Google, Tesla, etc. and have accumulated rich career experience in fintech and developed global perspectives.

DFG divides its business into four parts:

DFG Digital Assets Investment. DFG owns the first digital currency fund management platform in the world, aiming to build a “fund supermarket” in the sector of digital asset management. The platform provides the service of outstanding fund manager searching for investors to help them make closed-loop business from manager selection, money finding, money earning, money sharing and finally to a consistent interest generation. The current registered users in our fund platform have been over 200 thousand. A variety of wealth management products has been launched including Stable Interest Fund, Dividend Fund, Profit Increasing Fund and Quick Exchange Fund. Wealth management products worth 420,000,000 dollars have been issued and a total profit of 18,000,000 dollars has been made for our clients.

DFG Aggregating Exchange creates an account and connects the global exchanges. It aims to create a global exchange ecology based on SDT and provide a sound experience of enjoying aggregating information from global exchanges with only one account, so as to make price comparisons and double your interest!

DFG Digital Assets Lending and Payment. DFG owns the fastest growing digital asset lending platform in the world and aims to become Citigroup or HSBC in digital asset sector. The short-term capital turnover demands can be met by mortgaging IDT, BTC, ETH or EOS to get stable coin like SDT or USDT as loan. Mortgage loan on our platform has been over 40,000,000 up to now.

SDT Stable Coin. The price of our stable coin is collateralized by fiat money. Stable coin is taken as the crown in digital currency world. The whole scale of global stable digital currency has reached 12 billion dollars. SDT, i.e. Stable Digital Token, is the new generation of stable coin based on DFG digital asset financial holding group and its digital assets. It is the most forward-looking and potential business layout of DFG. Featured by security, stability, high privacy, free convertibility and circulation, SDT is widely applied in various fields such as global digital currency payment, transnational trade and foreign exchange settlement and contributes to the development of DFG global business ecology.

DFG Digital Currency Financial Holding Group will continue to deepen the layout of our digital currency business and to deeply plough in four business parts for business ecology upgrading. With global business layout and outlook to the future, DFG endeavors to lead the future financial development by creating our brand in DeFi and become the JPMorgan in digital currency industry!


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