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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 24, 2019 / At present, with the rapid development of global financial technology, blockchain technology has become a widely recognized new technology and new ideas. The combination of traditional industries and blockchain has become the trend of the times.

The currency trading and price determination of digital assets are based on digital currency exchanges. Currently, digital currency exchanges on the market have problems restricting the development of the industry. High capital fees, incomplete asset protection, and insufficient stability have led to Investors are discouraged. At present, the digital currency market urgently needs a safe, fair and developed trading platform. The E-Network Exchange has emerged as the times require, and will provide investors with high-quality digital asset services.

E-Network Exchange is building a new era digital asset trading platform based on blockchain technology, covering the integration of technology and finance, such as big data, digital public chain, digital currency, and digital asset trading. With the mission of creating a 3.0 version of the exchange, the E-Network Exchange provides the latest technology and solutions for the development of the exchange industry. On the platform of E-Network Exchange, the digital asset rights circulation, project parties, and investors can enjoy one-stop services such as token issuance, transaction, deposit, investment, etc. All assets can be safely and efficiently circulated on the platform.

In terms of consensus architecture, E-Network Exchange chose the DPOS consensus mechanism. This is a new way to protect cryptocurrency networks. It has the advantage of minimizing the energy consumption of maintaining network operations and managing the operation of the entire chain system in a low-cost way, largely saving energy. To encourage more people to participate in the blockchain value created by E-Network Exchange, the E-Network Exchange project team adheres to the operating philosophy of “taking the interests of investors as the core”. Make each user participate in the construction and development of the platform and realize a new pattern of win-win for everyone. The platform will be connected to the E-Network Exchange to achieve high and low-value service through EDS (the Token of E-Network Exchange) so that the transaction ecology will flourish based on the design of the certificate economy. While pushing the exchange industry to complete a new round of market changes, the entire ecosystem of the E-Network Exchange will also permanently support the platform token, EDS.

In the future, E-Network Exchange will take the initiative to redefine the mission of the efficient circulation of digital assets, and take natural advantages of blockchain technology to solve the chaotic situation of the current digital currency market with high standards and high requirements. Let each asset transaction be safe, reliable, and tamper-proof, and traceability in real-time, so that each project participant and contributor can reap huge value returns, and at the same time help the overall development of E-Network Exchange digital asset trading platform. E-Network Exchange serves millions of users around the world, giving everyone a world of financial inclusion. To provide users with safe and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services, and to create a convenient global diversified digital asset trading platform, let us wait and see!

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