Flashtalking Strategic Services Debuts Newest Vertical Accelerator with Custom Playbook and Martech Solution for Video Gaming Marketers

Amid global explosion of mobile gaming, newest digital marketing “accelerator” for video gaming marketers provides Google alternative and enables personalized dynamic creative and attribution solution at scale

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 17, 2020 / Flashtalking, the leading global independent platform for ad management, data-driven creative, and unified insights, announces that its accelerator for video gaming marketers is now available, within its growing vertical suite. In addition to affording video gaming marketers a playbook tailored to the specific needs of their vertical, the new accelerator resolves a unique and timely competitive dilemma for data-driven marketers and advertisers using Google as an ad server.

“Today, marketers are faced with a challenge unique to our prevailing data-driven era,” said John Mruz, Senior Vice President of Strategy for Flashtalking. “They recognize the imperative to build and protect their first party customer data assets, and would prefer not to compromise that data by sharing it with Google or Amazon who could use it to inform competing offerings. Our solutions represent a powerful alternative that immediately provides the ability to scale without these sorts of blunt conflicts or hindrances.”

As with Flashtalking’s other vertical accelerators, the video gaming playbook is the brainchild of the company’s Strategic Services team led by Mruz. The group supports Flashtalking clients in developing their data-driven creative strategies with precision and scale, incorporating proven use cases and best practices for specific verticals, as well as bringing deep domain and regulatory expertise to bear.

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“Today, as it is, the video game marketer’s arsenal incorporates an integrated tool kit. Video game products and services already are marketed all over the world through a diverse spectrum of digital advertising, including display, video, social, online video, mobile, and Connected TV/OTT,” Mruz continued. “Such well-crafted campaigns are critical to revenue generation, so it is imperative that any and all marketing efforts resonate with customers-particularly during noisy, competitive key selling periods.”

“At their core, video games are personalized experiences where each player pursues his or her own path. One does not need to convince video game marketers of the importance of relevant and engaging creative. For them, personalization is presumed. With the mainstreaming of video games, advertisers are actively targeting new audiences, across multiple global regions and technology platforms. The marketer’s challenge is how to deliver the most relevant message in the right language to each and every player on a global scale. She must also understand how those marketing interactions impact customer lifetime value. Flashtalking’s data-driven messaging solution – encompassing our technology, process, and strategic support – positions our video game advertisers to succeed.”

The new accelerator empowers the video gaming marketer to:

  • Achieve creative production efficiencies on a global scale
  • Elevate the quality of creative personalization
  • Improve the analysis of the customer journey and manage lifetime value

To learn more about Flashtalking’s video gaming marketing accelerator, please join their webinar on Wednesday, March 25th at 2pm. Register here.

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