Body’s by Dubs is Providing Personal Training Services to Help Individuals Achieve Fitness Goals from the Comfort of Their Homes

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 8, 2020 / Over the last decade or so, the trend of health and fitness has grown massively. People are looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle, be in shape, eat right, and maintain a fit body. However, not everyone has the time to hit the gym regularly, and more importantly, not all gyms have qualified trainers who can accurately create customized fitness regime for each individual. Body’s by Dubs is an in-home personal training service using which you can begin or re-start your fitness journey.

About Body’s by Dubs

Body’s by Dubs is a personal fitness training service available in Dallas, Texas. The service is run by Warren Wilkins Dubs, who is a certified personal trainer through NASM, and CPR certified through AHA. Dubs personally trains fitness enthusiasts at their homes and workplaces. With more than 7 years of experience in the fitness industry, Dubs provides personal training for all types of fitness goals – weight loss, bodybuilding, general fitness, etc.

Why Choose Body’s by Dubs?

One of the main reasons why most people give up on their fitness goals is the lack of accurate guidance in a convenient manner. However, Dubs provides personal training in the comfort of your home/workplace. This eliminates the need to rush to the gym every day, which in any way is a very general way of practicing fitness.

Dubs does not follow the concept of ‘one size fits all’. He provides customized training to every individual as per their exact body type and fitness goal. Moreover, he also provides personalized workout plans, meal plans, and personal consultancy to help individuals reach their fitness goals.

Once you sign up for anyone of Dubs’ fitness program, he schedules an evaluation/consultancy meeting to understand your fitness objective, body type, existing diet pattern, the current level of fitness, and other important parameters. Based on these, he creates a customized routine tailored for your needs.

As a fitness trainer, Dubs focuses on three main aspects – a positive mindset determined to achieve the goals, a personalized work-out plan, and an accurate meal plan. All these clubbed together, along with Dubs’ guidance forms a systematic and organized path to a fit and healthy life.

“You can’t decide how your face will look, or what your height will be, or even what your hair may look like, but you can change your body composition one day at a time!” – Dubs

Dubs has already trained hundreds of fitness enthusiasts, and their positive reviews are a testimony to his personal training services.

Summing up!

Body’s by Dubs is an end to end personal fitness service that provides you with all the requirements (training plan, meal plan, workout equipment, consultancy, and personalized guidance) to achieve a fit and healthy body.

Dubs offers several plans and packages to choose from, as per your convenience and requirements.

The coronavirus pandemic has made social distancing a norm, as a result of which fitness training with physical interaction is not an option right now. However, to help you continue reaching out for your goals, Body’s by Dubs is providing Virtual Video Fitness Training through its affordable and effective online programs.

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