Jubilee Ace Giveaway US$1,700,000 Cash at Live Mega Draw

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2020 / Amid economic recessions worldwide, Jubilee Ace once again flexes their financial clout and reiterates their commitment to reward their supporters. Hot on the heels of their “Oasis 80” US$120,000,000 stimulus budget for all clients from late April to early May, US$1,700,000 Cash prizes was distributed to lucky winners of the night on 31st May 2020 at Osaka, Japan. The live telecast draws over 20,000 viewers worldwide as anticipation for the draw heats up.

Highly popular crowd favourite Leslie took to the stage first and shared the exciting developments in the coming future. His enthusiastic session depicts the Jubilee Ace burning passion despite the global adversity. “Nothing is going to stop us” is the clear message. Leslie highlights the accelerated progress in the chrysalis of AQUA and Jubilee Ace’s lofty ambition looks within grasp.

Visionary CEO Tony Jackson was up next with his fervent speech and ardent fans worldwide erupted. Tony focuses on the future with the historic upcoming MyAQUA Commodities and shared, “MyAQUA Commodities signals our arrival to the world stage of traditional investments. Commodities has long been dominated by major banks and financial institutions, our detractors often say we have only cryptocurrency to show for and we will not make it in other sectors for MyAQUA! We disagree. Your money, your account, your AQUA! With MyAQUA Commodities, we have proven that nothing is impossible for us. We will continue to disrupt the finance industry as everyone stands up and take notice of us!”

Jubilee Ace is on the cusps of greatness and they appear unstoppable. Head of Marketing Director Bobby followed up with his trademark inspirational rally before inviting European market leader as guest speaker to share his journey to success with Jubilee Ace.

The main feature of the night concluded with hundreds of winners from across the world winning cash prizes from US$2,500 to a cool US$500,000 by a lucky Japanese ID! All prizes were also credited just 1 day later on 1st June 2020 without delay. Jubilee Ace sent a strong message with their impeccable efficiency and clear tradition of “spare no budget” reward system to their clients.

To find out more on how to be a part of the financial world revolution with Jubilee Ace, you may visit their website at https://www.jubileeace.com/

About Jubilee Ace

Founded in the British Virgin Islands in 2018 with a paid-up capital of US$50 million, Jubilee Ace is an advanced data analysis company that specializes in multi-sector arbitrage opportunities on a global scale. The company started with traditional commodities trading arbitrage on exchanges before venturing into sports and cryptocurrency arbitraging. The company extracts and refines data, transforming these into monetizable strategies and actionable market decisions. Jubilee Ace utilizes several real-time technologies that provide both new and experienced traders a fresh perspective on growing their portfolios through low-risk investments across various sectors. A strong focus on data and technology advancement enables portfolio clients to be assured their finances are in capable hands.

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