True REST Float Spa Provides Holistic Treatment of Stress and Anxiety Caused by COVID-19

World Leader in Float Therapy is Scientifically Proven to Improve Physical and Mental Health

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / June 9, 2020 / Mental health professionals are seeing a startling rise in clinical anxiety and depression as the country begins to slowly reopen. According to new data from the National Center for Health Statistics in partnership with the census bureau, over 30% of Americans are showing symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder. To combat anxiety, Americans have turned to prescription medications – an alarming trend for medical professionals concerned about drug dependencies and overdoses. Fortunately, there is a holistic option available. True REST Float Spa – the world leader in float therapy – offers scientific-proven relief from stress and anxiety.

“We knew that the worry sparked by a global health crisis would take a toll on mental health, especially when coupled with social distancing and the other measures necessary to slow the spread of the coronavirus. However, recent alarming reports are showing that mental health in our country is more fragile than ever before and continues to deteriorate each day with record-breaking unemployment levels, economic uncertainty and increasing social unrest,” said True REST Float Spa Director Mandy Rowe. “True REST was founded to serve the mental and physical needs of the community. We remain committed to providing scientifically proven relief, treating the booming mental health crisis in the wake of COVID-19.”

Flotation therapy is not a new holistic wellness trend. In fact, it was developed in 1954 by Dr. John C. Lilly, an American physician and neuroscientist working for the National Institute of Mental Health. His desire to study the origins of consciousness by cutting off all external stimuli gifted the world the first float tank. Over the next 18 years, float-tank design continued to evolve as scientists uncovered a multitude of health benefits stemming from flotation therapy. In 1972, the first commercial float tank became available to the public. Today flotation therapy is more popular than it has ever been.

Modern flotation therapy is based on a scientific approach to deep relaxation and whole health called Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy or REST. At True REST Float Spa, each float pod is filled with 1,200 pounds of Epsom salts and 180 gallons of water that creates a 30% salt solution, enabling effortless floating. When floating in the tank, the body absorbs these minerals and its magnesium and sulfate levels increase. Scientific studies have shown this specialized saltwater solution, perfectly heated to body temperature, calms the nervous system and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal physically and mentally while promoting the psychological benefits of feeling inner peace.

The deep state of relaxation achieved through float therapy reduces stress by lowering the body’s blood pressure and cortisol levels. REST has also been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties, irritability, fatigue, tension headaches and chronic pain. During flotation therapy, the brain enters the theta brain wave state, which is associated with deep sleep and dreaming. This allows a natural increase in dopamine and other neurotransmitters, creating feelings of euphoria that aid in mental relaxation.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Americans are more stressed than ever before. According to a new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly half of people who are sheltering in place have shared that the pandemic has increased their stress or worry. Additionally, 84% of people who text the Crisis Text Line shared that they were experiencing stress related to COVID-19. Months of social distancing combined with daily news reports have had an undeniable impact on mental health. Whether stress is coming from worrying about the health of loved ones, financial uncertainty or from trying to balance work and home schooling, Americans are emerging from the pandemic in a more fragile mental state than ever before.

Fortunately, solace and restoration can be found in a float therapy pod. Justin Feinstein, Ph.D., and clinical neuropsychologist director of LIBR Float Clinic & Research Center, is currently conducting a research study on the effects of flotation therapy on mental health. His laboratory investigates the effects of flotation REST on both the body and the brain, while also exploring its potential therapeutic treatment for promoting mental health and healing in patients who suffer from anxiety and stress-related disorders. Feinstein recently shared the amazing results flotation therapy has on mental health in his TED Talk: The Amazing Thing That Happens When You Disconnect.

Not only did Feinstein’s results show that flotation therapy had a profound impact on stress and anxiety, it also found that floating lowered the blood pressure of his research subjects – opening the door for flotation therapy to be used to treat a host of physical and mental maladies.

True REST Float Spa is paving the way for holistic and accessible stress and anxiety relief in a highly sterilized, no-contact environment. For more information about True REST Float Spa, visit For more information on True REST Franchising, visit

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True REST Float Spa is the world’s largest float spa brand. True REST Franchising LLC was ranked No. 7 in Entrepreneur’s Top New Franchises in 2019 and No. 205 in Entrepreneur’s Top 500 in 2020. With over 79 awarded locations, including 34 open locations and another 15 opening soon across the country, it is on its way to servicing 1 million floats. True REST Float Spa has created a luxury float spa experience in 10 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts. Members float effortlessly in their float suite. Each location provides pain relief, relaxation and better sleep through a 60-minute float session. True REST Float Spa offers monthly memberships, programs and packages. For more information, go to Or visit, Facebook:, Twitter:  or Instagram: For franchising opportunities, go to


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