Ricardo De La Fuente Tours Areas Hit by Hurricane to Unveil Emergency Preparedness and Recovery Plan

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX / ACCESSWIRE / August 6, 2020 / Ricardo De La Fuente visited with residents along the gulf coast who have just lived the passing of Hurricane Hannah while still burdened by the damage from Hurricane Harvey. It has become clear that there is a lack of preparation for emergencies and inadequate response measures in our district. The infrastructure has regressed and the community needs connectivity now more than ever.

“As we brace ourselves from CAT 1 storm in Florida and the East Coast, the Gulf Coast is recovering at a remarkably slow pace from last week’s hurricane,” said Ricardo De La Fuente. “Many people do not have power, hospitals are burdened during a pandemic, and safe evacuations are a health risk when social distancing is essential. This is a blow to our economy following the punch delivered from COVID-19.”

Ricardo is touring the 27th District and focusing on the area hit by hurricanes over the next two weeks. The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped Ricardo De La Fuente and his team in contacting those counties and residents in need. It is clear thus far that his compassionate leadership continues to reach those which are most vulnerable.

Analysis from Ricardo De La Fuente’s team has noted, “Hurricane Harvey cost Americans $125 billion dollars, now Hurricane Hanna will cause around $350 million in insured losses,” said Luis Rodrigo Castillo, policy and campaign director. “Ricardo De La Fuente has experience from the private sector and has the potential to rebuild the fractured infrastructure to stimulate our economy once again. It is only a matter of time until we are struck again, however, his experience will prove helpful during and after a natural disaster”.

“Our friends and neighbors are suffering in their homes right now; some have no power. This is another example of our community being neglected by those who are in a seat to make a difference,” said Ricardo De La Fuente. “I want to ensure that we can put a team together, that can openly communicate between our Federal, state, and county governments to not only be prepared for recovery but to have a preventative plan in place. We must attempt to prevent disasters, and we must do better for America.”

For emergency assistance in your city affected by Hurricane Hanna or Hurricane Isaias please contact your local Red Cross. For a list of resources please visit ricardo@ricardoforcongress.com.

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Ricardo De La Fuente is the candidate for the 27th district of Texas for the United States Congress. From a young age, he began his successful life as a businessman in the private sector. He recently won his election in Texas to become one of the youngest Latino Democratic candidates. For more information, visit https://ricardoforcongress.com/.

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