Tamara Thompson Explains the Power of Content Marketing As The Solution During the Pandemic

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2020 / The business industry has been one of the most affected areas due to the pandemic. It is not a secret that brands slowly lose revenue and visibility as they cannot function like business as usual–the traditional on-ground marketing and sales initiatives. Thus, the current situation has forced entrepreneurs and individuals to utilize various digital platforms in creating content that would grow their brands.

Tamara Thompson, the founder of Broadcast Your Authority, a keynote speaker, and a video marketer, shares her passion for storytelling in making a brand stand out among the others, especially in the video marketing world. She believes that creating high-quality, engaging and good energy content allows followers to build rapport, influence and make memorable impressions.

“Give your customers what they’re searching for. No more hit and miss,” Tamara says. Living in the digital era, the power of content creation and social media has been even more emphasized during this pandemic when everyone is forced to stay at home. People have the ability to maximize the use of their mobile and computer devices as the new normal way of living. Thus, entrepreneurs, coaches and businesses are challenged to digitally adapt to the current needs and wants of their audience. And that is to go heavy on digital platforms.

Being visible and truly connecting with your audience is more than just posting on social media. It requires knowledge and skill in producing and delivering trending and relevant content. For brands to effectively create engaging and attractive content, Tamara firmly suggests for creators to stop guessing what their market would consume; instead, businesses should start producing relevant content based on a data-driven analysis and thorough market esearch. That is what Tamara’s company starts with through a complete done-for-you content marketing system.

When done correctly, it does not stop there. As per Broadcast Your Authority, the content has to build authority with congruent messaging, hit the emotional pain points your ideal consumer needs, wants and sees that you provide across all platforms. May it be in the form of micro-content, branded graphics, creative videos, and unique propositions of the brand that allow your messaging to reach to a wider audience base or community.

Given the importance of messaging in building a brand, there is another critical step that many content creators miss or overlook. “Content must be properly distributed and optimized through inserting proper keywords for SEO purposes. There are many steps that people surpass when uploading a Youtube video without any strategy. This will not get you anywhere. You must understand your audience, and know what they are searching for. Also, create polls on social media, or in Facebook and Instagram stories to connect with people on a deeper level. You want to understand and ask your viewers what they want,” Tamara briefly explains.

To give an idea of how content creation has been a game-changer throughout the pandemic, Tamara tells her story with the various coaches, and influencers she has worked with while everyone is on lockdown and quarantine. Her content creation and marketing knowledge were able to increase her clients sales and brand visibility in a vast way.

With the help of Broadcast Your Authority’s content marketing system, one top influencer added a $100,000 in June 2020 alone to their bottom line, and his social channels grew ten thousand more real followers. A business coach gained $50,000 in her coaching program after she consulted with Tamara. In addition, an executive coach gained $60,000 in sales from increasing her presence and visibility on LinkedIn. What is more applaudable about Tamara’s efforts during the global crisis is how massive consistent content marketing helped grow a Sales Coach client’s revenue to more than $100,000 for two months in a row.

Understanding how content creation and proper marketing strategy plays a significant role in brand development would help a business develop its audience and revenue growth. As digital competition gets more aggressive and tighter daily, having a content marketing system in place helps brand visibility and an increase in potential and actual sales. With world-class support and network, Broadcast Your Authority is indeed a game-changer in the business industry, especially during this pandemic, and those looking to stand out moving forward into the new normal.

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